Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (2023)

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Lot 525

1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster

Two Generations Collection

29 April 2023, 13:00 EDT

Middletown, Rhode Island

Lot to be sold without reserve

US$20,000 - US$30,000

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Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (27)Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (28)

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Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (29)Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (30)

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Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (31)Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (32)

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Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (33)Bonhams : 1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster Engine no. 388 (34)

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1910 Courier Model 10-A-1 Roadster
Engine no. 388

149 cu in, Side Valve Inline 4-Cylinder Engine
Single Carburetor
3-Speed Gearbox
Front, Semi-Elliptic Leaf Spring, Rear, Three-Quarter Leaf Spring
2-Wheel Drum Brakes

*Believed to be the sole survivor of marque
*Owned for many years on Long Island
*More modestly priced car from the Stoddards of Dayton


The Courier business ran from 1910-1912 and is a lesser-known product of the Stoddards, of Stoddard-Dayton fame. The Stoddard family were successful entrepreneurs with interests in paint and varnish manufacturing and farm equipment. The patriarch's son, Charles Stoddard, became convinced of the future of the automobile and, after deciding to build a gasoline car contracted with the Rutenber company in Chicago for a supply of engines and began to manufacture the Stoddard Dayton.

The brand is best known for their 1909 cars which carried an ingenious power unit penned by the English engineer designer H.J. Edwards. A 4.75 x 5 inch 36hp four, the configuration that was in itself not unusual. Its valve layout, however, set it apart. Edwards' design was a true cross-flow head with inclined overhead valves and hemispherical combustion chambers, a beautiful piece of engineering.

The idea was that the Courier would be a budget version of the Stoddard-Dayton, only it should be marketed with an entirely separate name so as not to tarnish the more luxurious product. They consisted of 4-cylinder Touring Car, or Roadster as offered here, which retailed for $1,050.

From the 2006/7 Horseless Carriage Club Roster of Members, it seems that this is the only example of the Dayton built Courier to survive. As early as 1964, the car is featured on a Long Island Auto Museum postcard, being listed as the property of Lester Cutting, of Huntingdon, New York. Mr. Cutting was still its owner by the mid-2000s and it is believed that this is who the car was purchased directly from.

With space at a premium, the pretty sporting Courier remained consigned to long term storage and does not appear to have been used for many years. Its engine cosmetics suggest that it had been rebuilt not so long ago and are certainly fresher than the overall condition of the paintwork and finishes.

The sporting Courier has 'great eyes' and should certainly provide its next owner with a fun car to go touring with or just exercise for fun, for you'd be surprised how exhilarating a total lack of protection and only a steering wheel to hold onto is even at modest speeds!

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    • Automobilia
    • Collector Cars
  • Middletown, Rhode Island

    28 April 2023, 09:00 - 17:00 EDT

    29 April 2023, 08:00 - 16:00 EDT

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